• Providing and mobilizing Rapid Response Field Technical Support Teams Worldwide to support our Customers' emerging CONUS/OCONUS Field Support requirements.
  • Maintain an active Worldwide network of specialized personnel with CONUS/OCONUS work experience.
  • Expertise and experience with USA and Host Country Rules and Regulations applying to US personnel working in a foreign country or combat zone applying to Commercial or US Government Prime Contracts.
  • US Department of State International Traffic Regulations (ITAR) registrant.
  • Maintains required US and International Insurance coverages.
  • Has infrastructure and experience with managing Federal Government Contracts in which the Service Contract Act (SCA) is a requirement.


STA has been in continuous operation in Charleston, South Carolina since the company was established in 1996. Originally, the company was formed as a shipyard maintenance/repair support company for its major customer, Detyens Shipyards, Inc. At that time, Detyens had just taken over the operation of the former US Naval Shipyard in Charleston, SC. The Navy had basically shut the shipyard operation down and all the employees were gone. The conversion of the shipyard from a naval shipyard to a private ship repair operation was a major undertaking. STA had a primary role in supporting Detyens during the shipyard facility reactivation and conversion period. Later, STA developed and implemented a long-term preventive maintenance program for all the Detyens Shipyards major facilities, machinery/equipment, vehicles, cranes, boats, material handling equipment, road, rails, grounds and major tools.

Within a few years, STA decided to expand by bidding on selected government maintenance contracts under the Small Business Set Aside program. STA was successful and was awarded multi-year Government contracts to perform long-term preventive maintenance and repair of overhead cranes, hoists, hangar doors, warehouse and commissary doors at several government installations in South Carolina, Kentucky, North Carolina and Georgia.

During this period, STA became a certified AM General SBA Parts Distributor for the SouthEast USA as well as providing AM General SPLO Division with subcontract HMMWV reset support services, warranty services, repair and personnel training Worldwide.

STA continues to provide industrial facility, machinery/equipment maintenance and repair support services to several tenants of the Ex-Charleston Naval Base.