HMMWV Support Services

We offer a wide variety of HMMWV services as follows:

  • Warranty Support
  • New Vehicle Delivery Support
  • Technical and Vehicle Operation Training
  • Upgrade Kit Installation/Field Modifications
  • Field Level 10/20 RESET project support (all functions)
  • National Level (0/0) RECAP assembly line Field Service Representative (FSR) Support
  • National Army Depot Warehouse/Logistics Support Operations (LOC) management supporting US Army HMMWV National RECAP Production
  • Army fleet running Field Service Maintenance (CONUS/OCONUS)
  • FRAG 5, 6, 7 Up-Armor Kit Installation and Field Service Representative (FSR) Support (CONUS/OCONUS).
  • M1165 A1 W/B3 Perimeter Armor Frag 1, 2, 5 Kits Installation and Support
  • M1114 Turbo Engine Removal and Installation